THE MIND OF SUCCESS is a unique workbook that every student, regardless of their level, can use to develop a mindset of success and cultivate success habits to aid them achieve excellence. This book also provides proven techniques that aid in efficient learning and memory strength development.

Nonetheless, this amazing book is not limited to only students. If you seek to strengthen your faith and belief as well as build successful habits, this is also a book that you can use.


The objective of this book is to help build a successful mindset and also develop successful habits.

The book teaches you to;

  • shift your mindset to that of prosperity.
  • recreate your reality through building faith in yourself and believing success is possible for you.
  • learn how to set the right goals.
  • study efficiently using proven learning techniques.
  • develop successful habits that will aid you prosper.
  • learn to live in harmony through development of inner peace.

Instructor Biography

Mwenyi Primo teaches and writes about a subject he knows very well. He has achieved tremendous success throughout his life academically. Although he is quick to point out that he is Smart and with a good memory, Primo clearly states that his discovery and application of the principles in this book is responsible for the level of success he has had in his academia.

He has always had the urge to help people achieve their best in life. This compelled him to be the founder of the Win life association, an East African based organization, that was established in 2018 to help inspire, train and mentor youths to achieve their goals as well as live a balanced life. His vision with this project is to help create a community of well balanced, healthy and wealthy youths in this ever changing society.

In 2009, he featured among the best performing students in Primary Leaving Exams scoring six aggregates and did the same in his Uganda Certificate of Education with eight aggregates in 2013. He concluded high school with an amazing performance scoring Eighteen points in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Quantity Surveying at Makerere University.

The author also possesses skills such as motivational speaking that he does on a large scale. He is occasionally called upon to do trainings and life changing sessions in schools.


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    Harshini Marishaa Sivalingam

    This book make me to understand everything... : )

    05/03/2021 21:43:39

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    Eswary Jaganathan

    Great book

    16/08/2018 11:53:51

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