Meditation establishes a solid connection between our internal and external worlds. It awakens the body and benefits all aspects of the conscious and subconscious layers of the mind.


  • Meditation improves cognition
  • Controls anxiety
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Greater confidence

Instructor Biography

Professor Dr. Kader Ibrahim is one of Malaysia’s preeminent motivational speakers for the past 25 years. At his prime age of 32, he was the only Malaysian who achieved a triple Ph.D. degree in Nutrition, Psychology, and Para Psychology. He is also recognized for having a distinction for being the first Malaysian to introduce subjects such as Brain Engineering and Telepathy, Color Therapy and Spiritual Aura in the Tamil language and conducting regular courses in these said fields.

Furthermore, as a successful profile writer, he has thus far produced more than 20 books in both Tamil and English languages on psychology, health and mind power. His achievements are also worth mentioning, where one of them is receiving gold medals for his publications on health and mental strength from international universities. Besides, Professor Dr. Kader Ibrahim’s first publication entitled, “Success is in Your Hands” was one of the most essential selling books in Malaysia. He is also a well-known pioneer when it comes to training and leadership development which can be proven by his many positions as an advisor in several well-known cooperative companies all around the world and attended many international conferences.

Thousands of people have benefited from his talks internationally in over ten countries and have heard him as a Key Speaker. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows. Currently, he conducts courses, seminars, workshops, motivational talks, and training for all people around the world. In the coming days, we are planning to do e-workshop through online platforms for the benefit of everyone.


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    Sanusha Ganeson

    No limits to do meditation.

    04/10/2022 13:12:12

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    Truly Appreciate & Thank you Sir.

    05/02/2021 07:04:44

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    Thank you so much Prof. God bless you Prof ?????? I'm learning Some new technique which help for my future. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

    15/01/2021 00:37:15

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    Thava Ettershank

    I felt Dr Kadeer's amazing energy in his voice. Managed to get into deep meditative state.

    12/01/2021 11:33:37

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    Aishu Bebygal

    Beautifully Explained Dr ? Thank you so much Dr. I will start doing this from today. ??

    07/12/2020 18:58:06

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