At the end of the 20th, with the popularity of the internet, popular vocabulary in Chinese cyberspace has emerged as the time required. It has become the focus of linguists’ research. The use of popular cyber vocabulary in modern people’s lives is expanding. As a product of language development to a certain stage, popular cyber vocabulary has its own characteristics. This paper starts with the characteristics of popular cyber vocabulary and explains its application in modern communication and its difference with modern Chinese. This book combines the current popular cyber vocabulary to illustrate the main forms of popular cyber vocabulary from four language aspects: phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, and semantics. For example, cyber homophonic words are an important part of the popular cyber vocabulary. At present, the newly emerging cyber homophones in cyberspace can be divided into four types: alphabetic, Chinese character, numeral, and hybrid. The emergence of these vocabularies have a certain impact on peoples’ language expression, language communication, and entertainment of online communication, but cyber homophonic words have ambiguity and uncertainty and need to be further standardized. This book also expounds the popular cyber symbols and studies the classification and characteristics of popular cyber symbols. It is found that there are more and more uncivilized and vulgar popular cyber vocabularies in cyberspace. Therefore, it is recommended that the popular cyber vocabulary of civilization be especially important.

Instructor Biography

Bok Check Meng is a Senior Lecturer in the Mandarin Language Department of Universiti Teknologi MARA (Melaka Branch). He is actively present research papers at international conferences. His research interests lie in fantasy novel in Chinese cyberspace and language acquisition, and new word cognitive in teaching.

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