Why is it important to read this book?

Do you want to be a Millionaire?

Do you want to be a Successful person?

Do you want to be happy?

It has never been as real to you as it is now.

This book that you are holding in your hands is your user manual on how to do it.

I am the first in the world to create a BUSINESS LIFE PLAN with specific road signs of which way to go to achieve your goal and become an olympic champion in life.

A master proud of himself and admired by others.

I did it, so you can do it too. I am sure of this and I will help you to make your dreams come true.

I come from Poland, for the first time in my life I flew to another country at the age of 22. I did not even know one word in English.

Today, thanks to my author's BUSINESS PLAN on LIFE that I created. Thanks to my philosophy of life "How to become an Olympic Champion of Life", made me realize that every day I am a Citizen of the World.

Instructor Biography

A life practitioner, an originator of several dozen business and social projects, a sports enthusiast who successfully competes in sprinting. In October, during the Malaysian Championship in Masters, he won a bronze medal for the 100 meter race.

Art lover, mentor, author of the book "How to Become an Olympic Champion in Life", which is kind of a business plan for life based on 5 principles (Dreams, Challenges, Family, Health, Independence) which are guidelines on how to become a happy man in life.

The book is originally available in Polish but has also been translated into English, German and Arabic.

The premiere of the book took place in Poland, the Philippines and Malaysia

The ambassadors of this book are, among others :


Krzysztof Wielicki - the first man in the world who climbed Mount Everest in winter


Prof. Witold Kiezun - a war veteran, an outstanding economist, lecturer, Harvard University 


Manny Pacquiao - a legendary world boxer cum Philippine senator.


Currently, he is writing another book "World Olympic Life Champions", which premiere is planned during the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

The book is an inspiring interview and stories of extraordinary people.

The guests of my interviews are Champions of the Olympic Games, Champions of various Sport but above all the Masters of Life, people who with their faith, passion and determination can break life barriers, going a step further than others.

I had the pleasure of meeting, among others:

- Philippine President - Rodrigo Duterte

- Former Philippine President - Fidel Ramos

- Former Philippine First Lady - Imelda Marcos

- Senator - Antonio Trillanes

- Legendary boxer - Manny Pacquiao

- Laureate of the Noble Peace Prize - Lech Walesa

- President of the European Union - Donald Tusk

- Prime Minister of Canada - Justin Trudeau

- American Actor - Steven Seagal

- Miss Universe - Pia Wurtzbach

- Top 200 art collector in the world - Robbie Antonio

- Malaysian lawyer fighting for human rights - Yusmadi Yusoff

- Ambassadors Mauritius - Dato Issop Patel

- Son of Pablo Escobar - Sebastian Marroquin

- Olympic champion from Atlanta '96 - Charles Austin

- Winner of the Dakar Rally - Rafał Sonik

- The first man in the world who climbed Mount Everest in winter - Krzysztof Wielicki




I would like my book to help people who have no idea for themselves and people, who have goals and ambitions, but still cannot turn them into reality. It is also to help someone who has been financially successful but forgot about other values ​​like family, health and education.

The most important project in my life is the organization of the International Forum.

"Students of the Future World" whose aim is to support other students in the process of acquiring professional practices during their studies and to make students aware of their role in building the future of the world.

I think that students are the social group with the highest potential for each country, and at the same time the least supported.

As the creator of the Forum, I am donating thousands of books for students as a gift.

I'm learning a foreign language, this time it's Spanish, which I will learn in a year, because I know how to do it.

I develop my business all over the world, my book is translated from Polish into English, German and Arabic, I met with Presidents of numerous countries, Nobel Prize winners, Legendary Athletes and Billionaires.

If I have done this, going through life alone, committing countless errors, you will do it for sure, because you have instructions on how to do it and my help.

You will be a Millionaire, you will be the Success Man, you will be happy.

Let's, start!

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