This book is a collection of terms related to the field of public administration taught in PAD102 and ADS404 (Introduction to Public Administration) for semester one students at UiTM. Students who register for the course are from various backgrounds and need help understanding technical terms in the subject. The glossary aims to explain the terms in layperson's terms. It aimed to improve the understanding of terms and ease the study of public administration. The glossary can also be useful for students studying relevant fields of government, public administration, and politics.

Instructor Biography

ASMIDAR LOKMAN has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Administrative Science & Policy Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA, since 1997 and is now serving at the Seremban Campus, Negeri Sembilan. She earned a bachelor's degree in Human Sciences (Political Science) from International Islamic University Malaysia, a Master's in public administration from the University of Liverpool, and a Ph.D. in Government and Politics from Universiti Putra Malaysia.


MOHD ROZAIMY RIDZUAN is a lecturer at the Faculty of Administrative Science & Policy Studies, UiTM Pahang Branch, Raub Campus. He graduated with a Bachelor of Administrative Science and a Master of Administrative Science from UiTM and a Master's in Public Administration from the University of Malaya. He actively writes chapters in books, including the Local Government Act (LGA) 76 Tutor Calendar, the legal provisions relating to Local Government in Malaysia, and 50 cases of the Law of Contract. He is also a prolific newspaper article contributor for local newspapers.

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