The Journey of Purpose: How to live a fulfilling life through discovering your purpose?

The author "Jim Jeremy Mukasa" has written this short book to help many re -connect with their true self and tap into their potentials and become the best version of themselves in every area of their lives. Everybody deserves to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

I think we all come complete with one true note we are destined to sing. It does not dictate your choice of job but what it dictates is how you do it. And when we see these people who are being so successful, we say they are larger than life which always makes me smile. Life is large but most of us do not take up merely the space the universe intended for us. 

The Journey of Purpose contains ten chapters which are:

  • The Power of Purpose
  • Pushed Into my Purpose
  • Power of Potential
  • Finding My Purpose
  • The Power of Vision
  • The Discipline of Vision
  • The Key to Living Your Future
  • The Mind-set of Success
  • Program Yourself For Success
  • My Life Intentions and Purpose


The Journey of Purpose is more of a self help that helps you re-connect with your "WHY" and also tunes your mind to think like those who are successful. The author invites you to embrace the journey as you read and enjoy this beautiful powerful e-Book. 

Instructor Biography

Jim Jeremy Mukasa is a Ugandan based in Malaysia. He lives in Selangor. He graduated from Multimedia University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing & Multimedia.

The author is the founder of Ignite Prime Consultants, an East African based company that was established in 2014. He has created an Entrepreneurship hub to help inspire, train and mentor young aspiring entreprenurs with little or no knowledge about entrepreneurship. His vision with this project is to help create an environment where entrepreneurship is king since Uganda was ranked the most entrepreneurial country in the world. This will help create more jobs, reducing on the poverty rate yet increasing the GDP by atleast 1% in the next 5 years. 

The author also possesses other skills such as; motivational speaking that he does on a local and regional level. He is occasionally called upon to do trainings and mastermind sessions in schools and outside schools both offline and online. He has several awards such as,

  • The Personality of the year 2015 in Christ Embassy Cyberjaya
  • Oustanding Leadership
  • Active Financial Participation
  • Program of the Year 2015


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    Awesome and informative

    10/07/2020 02:17:33

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    Jacqueline Joseph

    Great book.

    25/04/2018 14:44:11

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    Deisyka VSI

    Congrate jim! I like ur e-book

    22/04/2018 15:36:01

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    The Book is really helpful

    10/04/2018 22:39:22

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    It was a good book to be read defiantly learnt new stuff after reading it. I'm glad that I had the chance to read it..

    10/04/2018 22:34:59

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    Layla Warsama

    It’s a wonderful book.. I recommend you guys out there to read it!

    02/04/2018 20:46:50

  • image

    Wow amazing

    02/02/2018 11:22:34

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    Jim Jeremy Mukasa

    This is a very extra ordinary book worthy of reading more than once. The content is very refreshing every single time you read it, you get goose bumps.

    01/02/2018 14:21:50

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    Bassam Hassan

    Perfect in motivation and increase trust on yourself

    24/01/2018 14:31:53

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    Ali Farax

    Powerful and the exceptional

    13/01/2018 20:35:05

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    A book everyone should read.

    10/01/2018 00:01:22

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    It's a great book. Based on true life experiences from the author and gives you a guide on how to live a full fulfilling life. Is there any other book by author

    29/12/2017 23:56:51

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    Sheila Wong Yen Min

    Wow, extremely impressed with this book as it's so helpful and enriching. Met my expectations and beyond.

    28/12/2017 16:02:51

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    Dr. Rebecca S.

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to succeed and achieve their dreams. It inspires one to find and fulfill one's purpose in life, with very valuable words of wisdom to help them make their life goals and vision a reality.

    25/12/2017 02:04:00

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    Kajeen Krish

    A must read for all those seeking personal development

    23/12/2017 22:24:39

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    rio richard tjipepe

    Excellent book for personal development, very insightful and knowledge oriented. A must read for everyone!!

    21/12/2017 02:10:23

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