Cities are fertile ground for science and technological innovation, economic growth, acculturation, and overall individual creativity. However, cities are also places where a myriad of problems, ranging from pollution, environmental degradation, indiscriminate dumping of waste, crime, and unemployment, just to mention a few, are concentrated. Environmental conservation anywhere is incomplete if it lacks efficient solid waste management. The more industrialised and commercialised a city is, the greater the solid waste challenges, as industries and other commercial activities produce a lot of waste. This book is designed to help students, planners, waste management companies, staff of local governments, and other relevant stakeholders in solid waste management (SWM) understand some of the basic concepts in municipal solid waste (MSW) management. It highlights solid waste management scenarios in developing nations (Malaysia and Thailand) and developed nations (the United States of America). Also, how emerging technologies (smart waste technologies) have been deployed in solid waste management to address some of the challenges faced by the traditional method of waste management is examined. By the time the reader is through with the book, it is expected that his/her knowledge on the best practices in solid waste management would be enhanced.

Instructor Biography

Nor Eeda Ali (Gs. Dr) is a senior lecturer at the Centre of Studies for Town & Regional Planning, Department of Built Environment Studies and Technology, UiTM Perak Branch. She obtained her PhD in Urban & Regional Planning from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 2017. Before joining UiTM, she worked as Town Planner with Planning Consultant for 12 years. She started her career as a full-time lecturer with UiTM after receiving her master's degree from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2007. Her areas of research interest include solid waste management and environmental sustainability. She has published many research papers on solid waste management.

Nurain Mohd Talmizi (Gs.) is a lecturer at the Centre of Studies for Town & Regional Planning, Department of Built Environment Studies & Technology, UiTM Perak Branch. She graduated with a Master of Science in Green Architecture from UiTM Perak. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in the same institution. Her area of research interests includes sustainable mobility, neighbourhood planning, and physical activities.

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