This book is a perfect and meaningful gift for Dads and Grandpas, especially on Father’s Day. Of course, this book is great for Mums and Grandmas too!

For Dads, being able to tell your own stories will make you a hero in your children’s eyes. It will etch an indelible and delightful mark of you in your children’s memory.

The author is a Dad and a Grandpa himself. He decided that he must do something for other Dads and Grandpa’s. In this book, he shared his very simple and easy-to-follow five steps, to enable readers to craft their own fairy tales.

There are so few books dedicated to Dads and Grandpas. It’s time that they get the recognition and appreciation that they collectively deserved.


This book is based on the author’s experience in creating original fairy tales to his two daughters and his two grandchildren. Telling them his own instantly created stories have given him a lot of joy and happiness, when he observed their sense of wonder and delight on their faces. The author shared that this experience is priceless!

This short and easy to read and digest book will take you and your children to a fabulous fight of fantasy and imagination. Through this journey, your little listeners will be better equipped to face a new world when they grow up. For the only way to prepare them, is to nurture their naturally borne gift of creativity and imagination.

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Dr.YKK loves children. He is blessed with four children and seven grandchildren. He started story-telling when he during his primary school days, taking turns with his classmates to create a single story. He started creating fairy-tales with his two daughters and then continues with his two overseas grandchildren (a boy of eight and a girl of six), who are based in London, UK, through Skype.

Dr.YKK was one of the eight pioneer members of the 8-member international creativity panel to Lego, to promote creativity to the children of the world. Currently, he is an international speaker, writer and consultant on creativity and business innovation.

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