Read this book to know the origin of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is all about humanity. reduce human sufferings at times of war and peace. To reduce sufferinigs by those not involved in war would be fighting by rules agreed upon all countires. Indeed all countries agreed to the international law, now known as INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW, also known as LAWS OF WAR or LAW OF ARMED CONFLICT.

The book also describes formation of Malaysian Red Crescent Society and the organizational structure at all levels.

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People know you can get help from Red Cross or Red Crescent.

Many may not know the origin of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Many may think that Red Cross or Red Crescent is related to religon and the book will tell you that the focus of Red Cross or Red Crescent is humanitarian work only.

Desseminate humanitarian values to ensure we are all protected, particularly the more 

vulnerable people.  

Instructor Biography

I am a Malaysian Red Crescent member for many years.

I am also a qualified senior instructor in MRCS since year 1991.

I taught all MRCS subjects and of course I am very familiar with the subject matter.

To allow new members to know about The MOvement, this book must be a handbook for all members.

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