A man’s standing is the result of many different gifts and other factors which come together as his person, not of one particular gift which especially distinguishes him. This book describes the many gifts that Dr Mohd Said possessed, as warmly described by the many contributors to the boos. One gift he had is not mentioned, that is on a few discreet occasions, I observed that he dance the zapin with consummate skills. Dato’ Halimah in this book has described almost the full tide of life of Dr Mohd Said. Her narrative of his political career is very incisive. Dr Mohd Said Had declined the Cabinet post Minister of Health offered by the Tunku. His imperturbability to persuasion in this case is something to be admired. This book contains anecdotes which are entertaining, informative, and on occasion, quite moving. The letters written by Tunku Abdul Rahman, His Royal Highness Tuaku Jaafar and Dr Mohd Said himself are historical gems which illuminate this boos. If I could add one concluding reflection on Dr Mohd Said from my recollections of him and from the recollections of others, it is only to say that by our united testimony, he was both a fair man and a kind-hearted one. 

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Halimah Mohd Said is a prolific writer.

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